Re: Impact on history

Date: Sun Sep 16 2001 - 09:29:30 MDT

Hello (Mike Lorrey),

In reference to your comment:

THis is the force initiation principle at work. We never
hurt the afghan people, in fact, we supported them in
their fight against an oppressor for ten years with
hundreds of millions of dollars. They turn around and
allow a government like the Taliban to decide that we,
their allies, are the enemy. So, this is not a case of us
just killing a people we have never met, never had any
beef with. We helped them, they turn around and
betray us and host a group on their soil that attacks
us. In the muslim world, if your house guest commits a
crime against your neighbor, you are responsible for
that crime.

Yes we against the Soviets, and the Al Qeda Movement seeks to reverse 500
years of Islamic Political Decline, with the United States as the "Great

>>This is also a responsibility issue. Many, if
not most, muslim nations tend to hold, to a greater or
lesser degree, to the idea that attacks on muslim
nations by infidels are attacks on all, that allowing
infidel armies into muslim lands, even in defense of a
muslim nation, is an affront to Islam (this is the whole
basis for bin Laden's arguments that have gained
credence among the common people of the muslim
world). If this is so, then it is up to muslim nations to
be responsible for the defense of muslim nations, AND
for the policing of their own. The Taliban, and bin
Laden, exist because muslim nations around the world
allow them to exist. If they truly believe that western
armies should stay out of muslim nations, they should
take care of this problem themselves.

They are thug governments.

>> I hope that plenty of muslims realize what they, in their collective
responsibility, have done to the world. Unfortunately, I
doubt it. From all experience, it seems they are quite
enamored of the classic sort of criminal rationalization:
killing a hostage, and blaming the negotiator "see what
you made me do?". This is a consistent excuse
through Iran, Lebanon, Iraq, and elsewhere.

Its a fact that we all must have to deal with. And yes I suspect the American
government and people will not have the focus to basically, replace Middle
eastern governments that participate in this kind of mentality. Schools would
have to be closed and our propaganda would have to replace Islamist
propaganda with secular "propaganda", as was done in post-war Japan and
Germany. We will strike at and defeat Bin Ladin, and declare it victory and
like Mike says, they will hit us next time with antrax, sarin, nuclear. The
reaction then, as Mike indicated, will be a less-free, society.

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