RE: Rebuild the World Trade Center

From: Miriam English (
Date: Sun Sep 16 2001 - 09:27:34 MDT

At 11:38 AM 16/09/2001, Michael Wiik wrote:
>"Stephan Vladimir Bugaj" <> wrote:
> > The new WTC should be as tall
> > or taller, but the security precautions and evacuation mechanism
> > much better.
>Not to mention structural integrity and fire fighting systems. There's a
>bunch of seemingly cogent stuff about the WTC at . Maybe
>they could take out those cell and television antennas and prep the roof
>for use as helicopter landing pads in case of emergency.

Parachutes or paragliders, rope bridges to nearby buildings...
But I still favor the idea of building down instead of up. Tall buildings
always seemed a dumb idea since Towering Inferno. If you want a great view
put an eiffel tower kind of structure up there and make it twice the height
of the WTC buildings.


         - Miriam

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