Re: TERRORISM: more of the same?

From: Greg Burch (
Date: Sun Sep 16 2001 - 06:54:46 MDT

From: "Robert J. Bradbury" <>
To: "Extropy List" <>

> I ran across this URL:
> Obviously a somewhat inflamatory document, but discusses
> the fact that our "war on terrorism" may be 3+ years old
> and the fact that annual terrorist activities have been
> impacting people in numbers that are of the same order of
> magnitude of those who may have died this week (i.e. this
> is nothing new).

Robert, did you LOOK at the website the page you cite is found on? I never
even got whatever point you were trying to make because I wasted a half hour
sitting here with my jaw dropping. Even though I've spent a good deal of
time researching the lunatic white-supremacist, black helicopter crowd
before, this site was so extreme I was glued to the screen in horror.
There's plenty of good information on the Afghan/Islamist crisis becoming
available now from reliable sources. I don't want to re-ignite the "tainted
source" debate we had here recently, but do understand that folks from my
side of the humanities/science divide see a reference to a source like that
as evidencing a lack of judgment about the cultural context of the material
you're passing on.

Your friend,

Greg Burch
Vice-President, Extropy Institute

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