Re: Another new offensive strategies

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Sun Sep 16 2001 - 02:12:34 MDT

John Clark wrote:
> Bin Laden is a hero in much of the Islamic world but that's also a
> society that disapproves of alcohol and is astronomically puritanical,
> so what we need is someone who's good at PhotoShop. What we
> need is a picture of Bin Laden drinking a martini with his arm
> around a beautiful girl in a bikini, or better yet a gay looking young
> man in a Speedo. No need to be too graphic in a place where a
> naked elbow is considered pornography, and it would look more
> believable if it's mild by western standards, after all it seems the
> man really did drink and get into bar fights when younger. I don't
> have the skills to do this but I'll bet some on this list do.

I spend some time in the Saudi Arabia many years ago. Islam
doesn't work quite like this. While Islamic law is very
puritantical you have to be formally accused by at least two
respectable male witnesses before any action is taken against
you. In Saudi Arabia, you can find Mercedes parked all over the
desert outside of Riyad at night. These are couples meeting for
discreet illicit rendezvous often. They are generally not
disturbed. Many Saudis also fly away to Bahrain and Thailand to
have a more relaxed and less restrictive weekend quite often.
Such silliness as the above would be seen for what it is.

- samantha

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