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From: Joe Dees (
Date: Sun Sep 16 2001 - 01:03:40 MDT

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> Spike Jones <> Re: Another new offensive strategyReply-To:
>John Clark wrote:
>> Harvey Newstrom <> Wrote:
>> > This is ludicrous. Extropians are believers in TRUTH.
>> War is a very dirty business, so if this really is a war we'll be doing things
>> one hell of a lot more disagreeable than that before we're through. If we're
>> too squeamish to even fake a racy photo then it's all over already, they've won.
>Harvey, made a good point, well taken. We are not at war
>with Islam, we are at war with terrorists. The fake Korans wouldnt
>work for that reason. Information tech is a double edged sword.
>Speaking of which, that biz that Joe Dees posted about Falwell
>and Robertson, have we any secondary proof that they really
>said those words? I can see where someone could post disinfo
>that could be innocently picked up and reposted. Did anyone
>actually hear the broadcast or offer a major news org that
>confirms it? I am surprised as hell that two players as politically
>savvy as these two clowns would say such a thing. They would
>hafta know it would blow up in their faces to use this tragedy
>as a chance to ride a political hobby horse. spike
It was said when jerry Falwell was a guest on Pat Robertson's 700 Club; I guess they obtusely figured that only the faithful true believer dittohead religious sycophants would be watching, and neither of them could ever resist using a tragedy to get their little partisan digs in. They have both spent much interview time sice then backing and filling.

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