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From: Miriam English (
Date: Sat Sep 15 2001 - 22:46:10 MDT

At 06:23 AM 16/09/2001, Reason wrote:
>b) if you're going to invade someplace (which you really shouldn't -- see
>point on core competency above), invade it in a small way to set up and
>protect small distribution centers surrounding those recently-invented
>book-binding devices that can run off books on demand. Propagate the devices
>and the books they produce.
>c) hell, radios would work. Lots and lots of them; the wind-up clockwork
>So anyway, back to the points: books are better than bombs. Isolationism
>breeds worse terrorists. In a small world, the community can't afford to let
>countries damage their own populations by sitting in the corner and not
>participating. Or forcing them to do the same. Just build a big pipe for the
>exchange of information between cultures, and let the market and human
>nature do the rest.

b and c above are especially cool ideas.
Have to be careful we didn't simply get into the propaganda business though
or it could all unravel pretty badly. Real information that would help the
locals build up their own industries, increase farm yields, apply medical
care, disarm land mines, etc.


         - Miriam

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