Re: Another new offensive strategies

From: Damien Broderick (
Date: Sat Sep 15 2001 - 21:00:32 MDT

>At 01:04 PM 15/09/2001 -0400, John Clark wrote:
>>What we
>>need is a picture of Bin Laden drinking a martini with his arm
>>around a beautiful girl in a bikini, or better yet a gay looking young
>>man in a Speedo.

At 11:34 AM 9/16/01 +1000, Miriam wrote:

>think it would be counterproductive: it would reduce the believability of
>us in the west pretty quickly once the deception was found out. ...
>But I like the ingenious nature of the idea.

Aargh. People, people... What *is* this, comic strip planet?

Hey, while we're doing these terrifically effective propaganda strikes, how
about also some photoreal pix of...

The Pope being fellated by a half-naked nun! Or an altarboy!! Wow, would
that destroy the faith of hundreds of millions of Catholics or *what*?

Jerry Falwell doing his old Mom in a shithouse! Oh wait, didn't *Hustler*
run that one? I see that Falwell still has his constituency, while
*Hustler* hasn't become the new acknowledged beacon of truth and liberty.

Some Jews eating Christian babies! Oh wait, that was tried already, got old
pretty quickly.

Damien Broderick
[sinking into despair]

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