Re: Another new offensive strategies

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sat Sep 15 2001 - 14:23:28 MDT

> John Clark wrote, What we
> > need is a picture of Bin Laden drinking a martini with his arm
> > around a beautiful girl in a bikini, or better yet a gay looking young
> > man in a Speedo.
> Spike Jones wrote,
> > We have really good printing technology. We can print and
> > bind books for almost nothing. How about if we print truckloads
> > of korae, except each one with one altered verse?
> Harvey Newstrom wrote: This is ludicrous. Extropians are believers in
> TRUTH. Using false statistics, false stories, and false methods is
> unacceptable...
> ...
> Anyone who stoops to these anti-Extropian activities is a False Extropian....

Whoa, Harvey, lighten up, man. I understand under these trying
circumstances the emotional response however. Im not sure
that you would object to modifying obviously false portions
of scripture by inserting true scientific ones. Is that lying? If
we inserted the meme: "There *is* no afterlife," is that lying?
How about "No houris for you," in place of the ones that promise
72 of them for the martyrs?

Recall that denial and deception are as much a part of warfare
as weapons. Denial and deception are seen in every species
of animal that I know of. Let us be truthful with dealing with
truth. When fighting a war, let us use every trick in the book.
And invent new ones that are not in there yet. spike

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