Sleepers, a possible solution.

From: I William Wiser (
Date: Sat Sep 15 2001 - 14:05:36 MDT

There are terrorists living in this country.
Many terrorists may belong to a particular culture or "race".
The situation is similar to driving a car of the same type
recently used by a bank robber in your community.
We do not want the bank robber to walk around unquestioned
and we do not want to hassle innocent people.
Here is a simple solution.

Befriend the people you are suspicious of.
Be nice to them. Get to know them. Invite them to dinner.
If you spend enough time befriending someone you will
eventually figure out if the are friend, foe, or neutral.
Sometimes you will find out that your suspicions were silly.
Other times you will find your suspicions reasonable but wrong.
Keep getting to know them until you feel comfortable or scared.

If you find nothing to worry about you have made a friend
(or been bored for a few hours and made an acquaintance).
If you find more and more things that worry you, talk to other
friends and get other people to come and be friendly with the
person. If you are feeling wary be a little careful but stay
friendly and respectful. If you are certain of guilt and feel at
risk do what you need to do.

If someone does not want to be friendly with you that does not
mean they are a terrorists, they may dislike you, they may be
a hermit. Get other people to try. If they don't want to be friends
with anyone you know and trust, then keep yours eyes on them
until you figure out whether or not they are dangerous. The whole
time, be nice, friendly, respectful, etc. It will not hurt you much to
be a little nice to a bad person (as long as you are careful). You
will do no real harm to the hermit or jerk. You will be doing
a good thing for nice people who just happen to superficially
resemble people you fear.

It is hard for terrorists to infiltrate a community. It is easy for
terrorists to infiltrate a paranoid or insensitive society.

I. William Wiser []
Life Extension and Quality of Life Consultant

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