Re: Rotting in Hell

From: Brian Phillips (
Date: Sat Sep 15 2001 - 08:47:24 MDT

Brian Phillips <>

>When you ally with people who rival
 Hitler for sheer murderous villiany [...]>

I've very strongly criticized Israel many
 times, I think the policy of treating it
almost like the 51'st state is wrong, but
your above comments are asinine.

     John K Clark>

Feel free to support the statement that
my comments are exceedingly stupid
or silly. Also be prepared to get "hit"
with a very large "stick" comprised
of the facts of the matter. This is a
strong statement on my part yes, but
it is far from silly or stupid. There is
large amounts of evidence to suggest
that Tel Aviv is on peer with the 3rd
Reich, if you "feel that my comments
are asinine" that is your perspective,
but a blank statement devoid of
a opinion qualifier means you need
to support your statement with facts.


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