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Date: Fri Sep 14 2001 - 16:10:32 MDT

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> Adrian `Guru Zeb` Harper <> Plea Rational Restraint on ListReply-To:
>At 09:56 14/09/01, you wrote:
>>Certainly longer than the pleasure of its memory will live in the minds of
>>those slimy mass-murder-perpetrating motherfuckers, because as soon as we
>>can humanly manage, their contemptible islamfundie asses will be fucking dead!
>For the sake of reason. Please GROW UP. No one expects terrorists operating
>from fundamentalist, irrational
>assumptions about the world to keep their intellect in gear. Rather
>foolishly i did expect that to happen on this
>list. Apparently i have been sadly mistaken.
>These constant calls for full blooded revenge, are getting tedious. In some
>cases are getting towards the level of
>"Bar room arguments".
>In all fairness i have to say some of the list members who's views on the
>issue are closer to my own, have indulged
>in some rather direct personal attacks over the past days.
>It was my understanding that this list existed for presumably, balanced,
>intelligent, rational, humans to discuss various
>ideas and concept pertaining to science, technology, and related social issues.
>Some of the behavior on this list just shows that despite many ppl having a
>Promethean self image, many of us are
>far from the peek of human development.
>If ppl can't make some kind of intelligent salient point about the issue (
>which for quite a few list members i
>can easily understand ) i for one would be more than happy if they would
>hold back until they have calmed
>down enough to make rational statements.
>Surly one primary Extropian value is the concept of ones intellect being in
>primary control of ones conscious actions
>at all times. If we allow ourselves to loose rational self-control we
>become little better than the fools who caused
>Tuesdays destruction.
>Please express your thoughts and ideas, but don't just rant.
Anger is a rational emotional response to atrocity, but once rage passes, it should be replaced by steely, cold and calculating implacable relentless anger. The 'people' we are dealing with have demonstrated amazing focus, intensity, perseverence and singlemindeddness in the pursuit of their sick and twisted goals; they trained as moles, in and outside of my country, for years - just so they could successfully kill themselves while taking as many of us as possible with them, in a bid for heaven. Such people must be rooted out and destroyed, as well as those who so program them, and, make no mistake about it, it will be done, with or without the help or approval of anyone on this list. And especially without the nonexistent help of navel-gazing analysis paralysis types or self-hating sycophantic citizen versions of Uncle Tom shuffling to the terrorist tune.
> Guru Zeb,
> Hacienda,
> Manchester, 1989

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