Re: Attack on Civilized World

From: Christian Szegedy (
Date: Fri Sep 14 2001 - 11:49:20 MDT

> With the recent integration of eastern european nations into NATO, this
> will also prove a great opportunity for the newly democratic nations to
> forge new martial traditions, to earn the respect and gratitude of all
> freedom loving peoples, and to demonstrate a determined commitment to
> freedom in the crucible of conflict that I think we are going to see
> over the next several years.

I can't believe that this is on the extropian list.

> with european countries and cultures, and I'm sure that many europeans
> are similarly proud of having this opportunity to come to our assistance
> in the way that we have done for them in the past. For this, I thank
> every european and citizen of a NATO country on the list.

Don't thank me. It was not me who decided to assist in kicking
the ass of one of the poorest and misarable country on earth.

I am afraid.

I have seen a lot of very intelligent and cool headed reaction on the
list yesterday. What I see today is a lot of nationalist and
bloodthursty PR. Some want to die for ideas, some are begging for war
and thank to all Europians to assist. And all this is on the
extropian list. I don't want to imagine the reaction of the masses...

Don't misunderstand me. I was shocked by attack from the very first
minute. I spent a wonderfull evening on the top of the WTC last
summer, so I could visualize and imagine the extent and cruelty
of the events. I was thinking over and over again: how could they
do it? How is it possible? Why could not USA stop them? I am also

But I think revenge leads only to spiralling violence and sorrow.

I am afraid.

American only know that they must hit somebody.
And that they must hit hard.
But, They don't know who.

The result will be that they will kill a lot of innocent people
for an idea. Only because they don't want to seem weak.

It can only go wrong.

NATO will kill at least 10000 innocent people, women and children
in Kabul.

Of course it is easy. It will be even good for the economy.
American and European people will cheer and USA will reelect Bush.

On the other hand, it will generate a lot of people in afghanistan
who have lost their families, their houses, everything.
A lot of people who have nothing to loose. Some million potential

Do you really believe that this is the proper way you to eliminate

Please think about it a bit. Not just pretend!

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