RE: Rebuild the World Trade Center

From: Stephan Vladimir Bugaj (
Date: Fri Sep 14 2001 - 10:43:55 MDT

For those of us who still live in human societies, having both
information and people in the same place is kind of nice - oldthink
or not ;-)

Besides, cities and their big buildings are cool.

As for building another target, or the idea that building funds for
tall building projects will be curtailed by this (rather than by
the economic slowdown that already cancelled several projects - I
hope that people realize the symbolic and economic value of
continuing such building efforts. The new WTC should be as tall
or taller, but the security precautions and evacuation mechanism
much better. Among New Yorkers, I think the WTC will resume being
a popular place to work if it is rebuilt and the government is seen
to be taking proactive, sane/pro-freedom security measures.

- S

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Brian D Williams wrote:

> I think we should give serious consideration to rebuilding the
> world trade center. Brian

Yes, only higher this time. It is a *sin* that the tallest building in
the world is not in the US. We can figure out how to protect
buildings from terrorists.

Actually, supertall buildings may in fact be old-think. With
improved communications, we may not really need the
transportation advantage afforded by sky scrapers. We
may find ways to move information instead of gathering
people into one place. spike

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