Re: Impact on History

From: Christian Szegedy (
Date: Fri Sep 14 2001 - 10:45:10 MDT

>>> An idea worth dying, (and killing) for.

>> No ideas are worth dying or killing for. Ideas are for living, not
>> death.

> It is sometimes necessary to both die and kill to preserve and
> protect ideas. Freedom is an idea, and possibly the best example
> although Love is right up there too.

Of course, Brian hopes that after he dies, he awakens from cryonism
and can fuck 72 virtual virgins...

Seriously: I believe that there are things which are worth dying:
if I have to sacriifice my life in order to save the lifes of many
other (in a concrete way), then it is worth. Therefore, my fullest
respect to the lot of firemen and policemen risking their life every

On the other hand, I would not sacrifice my life for anything which
ends by "ism".

I suggest J.R. to add "ideas worth dying for" to his list of useless
hypothesis (or his useless list of hypothesis?:).

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