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Date: Fri Sep 14 2001 - 08:00:15 MDT

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>>Brian D. Williams wrote:
>> Now the first part.
>> Thousands of innocent Americans have been murdered by
>> terrorists. This is an act of War. The people who did this will
>> be found, and pay for their sneak attack with their lives.

>An interesting declaration of faith. But do you really believe
>that _they_ will be found (insofar any of them survived the
>attack); or will just anyone (more or less associated) be found in
>order for something to be done to temporarily ease the pain of
>mourning for everyone who lost someone?

It has nothing to due with faith.

We know Bin Laden was behind the first attack and we already have
considerable evidence that he and his associates were behind this
one. We are taking the necessary time to gather evidence properly.
Find me another major conflict in all of history where one of the
combatants has acted more reasonably.

We have both the ability and the resources to have struck back days
ago at anyone we choose to. We are not acting impulsively here.
This is not going to be a quick retaliation raid, we are preparing
to lay siege.

>> Hopefully as part of this, the international community will band
>> together and take serious action to eliminate world terrorism,
>> so accomplishing the first part may help accomplish the second
>> goal.

>This is an interesting declaration of faith. But I personally have
>to join Anders and Miriam in advocating that it -- alas -- does
>not seem to be very realistic.

Once again it has nothing to due with faith.

I suggest you adopt a wait and see attitude.


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