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Date: Fri Sep 14 2001 - 02:56:41 MDT

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>Eli wrote:
>>just because it's so unbearable to think that the Americans
>>can bomb and bomb and never be touched themselves.
>...the most telling remark I've seen anyone make yet. I wonder how many
>Americans can comprehend this asymmetry--that until now, the ocean and
>technology kept the USA insulated from the customary psychic economy of
>tit-for-tat reprisals. I'm surprised that more megaviolence hasn't been
>infiltrated from the southern borders, but then the incessant drug traffic
>etc, and the monstrously misjudged legal response to it, has probably done
>more to fuck up and corrode America than any number of smashed buildings
>and murdered innocents.
>I note, BTW, that Eliezer shared his 22nd birthday with that dreadful event
>on Tuesday. With luck, the former fact will live even longer in human and
>posthuman memory than the latter.
Certainly longer than the pleasure of its memory will live in the minds of those slimy mass-murder-perpetrating motherfuckers, because as soon as we can humanly manage, their contemptible islamfundie asses will be fucking dead!
>Damien Broderick

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