Re: Rebuild the World Trade Center

From: Brian Phillips (
Date: Thu Sep 13 2001 - 16:06:01 MDT

<<Wouldn't it make more sense to build something like a park that can
symbolise peace and commemorate the destruction there without being a
future target?

By all means build downwards, extending the basements...


         - Miriam>>

  Sitting here in the middle of the US military machine surrounded
by people in uniform howling for blood (this is almost literally
true) I have to say that it's far more likely that the US would
invade Mecca, and use the Black Stone of the Kaaba as
the starter for mortar dust in building World Trade II
than the notion we would build a park there. It's the nature
of the American pyschology to deliberately put up another
target. Only bigger. And arm it to the teeth. World Trade II
will likely be the tallest in the world. Wait and see...
Americans love sequels....
  The main reaction here is very similar to the hotheads at . I don't condone this sort of thing...
I think we brought it on ourselves by meddling and supporting
the racist pigs in Tel Aviv anyway, but the mood is, as Will S.
put it "Peace? Peace? I hate the word!". The idiot mob
wants blood by the tankerful, the idealistic leadership sees an
opportunity to repair the damage done by liberals to the military
machine, and the cynics see mad bucks to be made. This is going
to get ugly quick.
  Parks are not included.
  On a side note the USS Comfort is deploying to NYC.

As Palestine celebrates publicly, Tel Aviv celebrates privately.


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