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Date: Thu Sep 13 2001 - 13:33:59 MDT

>From: Miriam English <>

>And if your violent solution basically guarantees the future of
>terrorism? Like trying to stop insects by flooding the place with
>DDT. It may work temporarily, but they bounce back with renewed
>vigour and this time all the birds that previously controlled them
>are gone.

Nice try at a metaphor.

If you kill all the "insects" they don't bounce back.

>At this point you are sounding just like one of the suicide
>pilots. I am not trying to insult you, I am just wanting you to
>look at what you are saying. Please step back for a moment and see
>what the repercussions are two or three moves later.

I am the furthest thing from those dead assholes, and as an avid
chess player I'm used to looking at least three moves ahead.

>Eliminating terrorism is a laudable aim. The best idea on this
>that I have read so far is of forming a think-tank on using very
>unconventional means to reach that end. Weapons won't do it.
>Education almost certainly will. The trick is how do you get
>information to areas such as those? How do you lift people out of
>such poverty that a fantasy of fucking 72 virgins forever looks
>like a good option instead of the mind-warp that it is? My
>next-door neighbors are islamic. Very nice folk... ummm except for
>the mother... she won't allow the kids to read any of the books I
>give them. The father seems a nice enough guy, but the mother is
>full-on. The kids are totally charming.

This is two seperate goals here.

As to the second, how do you change peoples minds without
interfering in their culture? Get back to me on that.

Now the first part.

Thousands of innocent Americans have been murdered by terrorists.
This is an act of War. The people who did this will be found, and
pay for their sneak attack with their lives.

Hopefully as part of this, the international community will band
together and take serious action to eliminate world terrorism, so
accomplishing the first part may help accomplish the second goal.

>If the US lifted all sanctions tomorrow and showered the
>fundamentalist extremist states with food, knowledge, luxuries,
>and wealth, without pushing the American culture, the extremists
>would be screwed and the violence would end -- not instantly, but
>it would end.

>It won't happen though. People love hatred too much.

If they want the "good things in life" they will have to earn them,
same as we did.


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