FW: TERRORISM: looking for solutions

From: Smigrodzki, Rafal (SmigrodzkiR@MSX.UPMC.EDU)
Date: Thu Sep 13 2001 - 12:24:53 MDT

> Anders Sandberg wrote:
> >It seems that the systems needed to avert another similar terrorist
> >act would be rather complex and/or intrusive.
> ### I think that this particular way of attacking can be easily thwarted
> by installing a double steel door to the cockpit in all large airplanes -
> anybody trying to enter would need to go through and close one door, look
> up to the camera, be recognized by the pilots as the flight attendant
> bringing refreshments, and have the inner door opened from the cockpit. As
> long as pilots under no circumstances deviate from the policy and never
> yield to terrorists killing the people in the main cabin, there would be
> absolutely no way to gain control of the airplane. No high tech and no
> mounds of money needed.
> Threat of bombing can be solved by more careful baggage checking, and
> nobody's "civil liberties" need to be infringed upon (those for whom the
> idea of their baggage being opened and checked piece by piece, can drive).
> I don't think there is any reason to get irrationally pessimistic about
> our ability to counter terrorism at a reasonable price and without
> becoming a police state. Antiterrorist measures work - not always but well
> enough to reduce the threat to a manageable level.
> Rafal Smigrodzki

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