Re: Terrorism and fear

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Thu Sep 13 2001 - 05:54:41 MDT

Adrian `Guru Zeb` Harper wrote:
> At 02:26 13/09/01, you wrote:

> >You don't hear the veterans of WW2 backpedaling on protecting our country.
> >They know the price of freedom. The only way to make sure terrorist are
> >eradicated is to make sure theres no country for them to hide in. Those
> >countries now hiding terrorist are as guilty as the people flying the plane.
> >Bomb their entire countries dust.
> Did you loose someone in the events of Tuesday ??
> Since if you had i could completely understand this kind of irrational rant.

It would be wrong to bomb countries to dust. But it is
certainly not irrational to consider this an act of war and to
react accordingly. All major terrorist groups that are known to
have attacked the US or its agents in the past and especially
those implicated in this atrocity must be neutralized ASAP. I
don't support killing non-combatants and innocents where that
can be at all helped in a war situation. But we must react with
full righeousness to an act of war such as this as war and not
just the act of a handful of zealous criminals. Other policies
have brought us to this juncture.

> You can't seriously believe that carpet bombing nations that harbor terrorists
> would really prevent further attacks, more likely inflame all concerned.
> Leading
> to greater lose of innocent life. And what of the mostly completely innocent
> citizens of said "Bombed to dust" nation, do they deserve to die purely by
> accident
> of birth.

As I said, I don't support avoidable loss of civilian life even
in war. But I believe sending the message clearly that we will
not in the least tolerate such attacks is precisely what will
most likely stop or at least severely decrease the number of
terrorist attacks on us.
> I tend to believe that in all conflicts we show our values partly by acting
> in a more
> balanced, humane and just way than our adversaries, i don't see your
> suggestion
> as adding to that particular meme.

Justice demands wiping out the assholes that did this. Pure and

- samantha

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