Re: ESR on distributed solutions

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Thu Sep 13 2001 - 05:30:42 MDT

Eugene Leitl wrote:
> On Wed, 12 Sep 2001, Zero Powers wrote:
> > This is true, unless one party is so violent as to eliminate or
> > completely subjugate its adversary. Remember Nagasaki? After
> > that...sweet peace in the valley.
> Jihad Muslims are borderline fanatics. To recruit more followers all it
> takes is provoke U.S. to a blind retaliation strike against the brothren
> in faith. There's unsettling talk about using tactical nukes, which would
> be a terrible mistake due to the symbolic value.
> U.S. residents please consider writing to your congressmen, asking them
> for a very moderated response.

I ask for a surgical retaliation but not a "moderate" one.
Moderation with these murderers has got us to this place. It
does not work. We will not strike blindly but I hope we strike
with all force necessary to take out each and every one of the
main terrorist groups that attack us. If it also requires
taking out a government that uses terrorism as a weapon of a war
it dares not declare then so be it. We have been visciously
attacked. This is war. Those who have declared themselves our
enemies by their actions will be defeated.

I will write asking that we stop pretending we can negotiate our
way out of this or that those groups and nations sworn to our
destruction don't mean precisely that or that it is reasonable
for us to take them at less than their word. They, at least
some of them, have shown they are a very clear and present
danger. They must be treated accordingly.

- samantha

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