Re: Terrorism and fear

From: Russell Blackford (
Date: Wed Sep 12 2001 - 21:27:07 MDT


My reply to your post...

>Bomb their entire countries dust. a companion to my reply to Miriam's, so read both before you reply to
me (if you can be bothered replying at all).

I absolutely understand your reaction. I find myself having similar
fantasies... and I'm not even American. I feel that it was an attack on all
of us. I can't convey how deeply sickened I was at those images of people in
the Middle East celebrating (no matter how much I try to understand it),
juxtaposed against all the other terrible images that I have so seen over
and over for the past 24 hours - not least of it those people deliberating
jumping to their deaths, caught in stop-motion as they plunge headfirst down
the sides of the towers.

We can't really bomb those entire countries to dust, my friend, but just
this once I won't argue with you.

Re another post of yours: yes, build the thing even higher.


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