RE: Terrorism and fear

From: Jerry Mitchell (
Date: Wed Sep 12 2001 - 19:26:54 MDT

> >Even if we can reduce the risks of aviation terrorism and
> other specific
> >mechanisms, we will obviously never be perfectly safe.
> >
> >Objectively, terrorism does not pose a significant risk to the life
> >of the average American. Over 6,000 people die every day in the US.
> >We'd have to have a WTC disaster at least every couple of
> weeks in order
> >to significantly affect overall mortality rates.
> >

You don't hear the veterans of WW2 backpedaling on protecting our country.
They know the price of freedom. The only way to make sure terrorist are
eradicated is to make sure theres no country for them to hide in. Those
countries now hiding terrorist are as guilty as the people flying the plane.
Bomb their entire countries dust.

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