RE: "Attack on Civilized World" answer "Defense of USA and USA citizens"

From: Dickey, Michael F (
Date: Wed Sep 12 2001 - 11:52:50 MDT

I dont think anyone is saying that the tens of thousands of doomed people
who had to get up and work thier crappy jobs like everyone else in the world
deserved to be burned, suffocated, or crushed to death at the WTC, or the
people on the airplanes going home to see loved ones or working thier crappy
jobs to feed thier families deserved to be slashed, crushed, burned, or
killed in general. No one is saying that these people deserved to die. If
we want to combat terrorism, there is no way you can lock down the state
enough to ever make it safe. No amount of Xray machines, face scanners, ID
cards, barcodes of foreheads, or DNA tags will ever make it completely safe.
You have to remove the incentive people have to be terrorist. In this case,
it is national hatred for the US, this hatred comes from the US policing of
the entire world. Bin Ladden specifically said that every US citizen is a
valid military target in response to the US's military involvement in
palestine. The US was not attacked because 'it was a beacon of freedom' as
BUsh said so melodramatically, it was attacked because we have been doing
things in other peoples countries to piss them off. Stop pissing these
other countries off (that is, remove the military presence which is a direct
represnetation of the US as a country) and no longer does anyone breed
hatred of the US and want to kill every working US citizen. Has Sweden ever
been terrorist attacked? The only way to get rid of terrorism is to remove
the incentive people have to commit it.


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On Wed, 12 Sep 2001, Adrian `Guru Zeb` Harper wrote:

> But discussing WWW II issues is pretty pointless isn't it, i understand
> Americans being sensitive
> right now. But with huge shock of the events of Tuesday i hope comes a
> opportunity to really examine
> some of the issues that have contributed to this event happening. I we (
> the whole world ) doesn't do this are
> so sure that this won't happen again.

OK. What has the U.S. done to deserve this? Please be specific.

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