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Date: Wed Sep 12 2001 - 11:06:43 MDT

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>Subject: TERRORISM: looking for solutions
> ... ]ome up with some ideas for things that could *really* save
>lives. All the cryonics contracts in the world don't do you any
>good when the plane on which you are flying gets used as a weapon
>of mass distruction.
Fly all passengers drugged catatonic. Reconfigure the
aircraft, and change flight procedures, to provide maximum
transport efficiency vice passenger comfort. Transport
baggage in separate aircraft. Smaller faster aircraft
moving tiers of warm body bags should permit operating
savings to offset the loss of passengers who won't suffer
the indignity or the medical stresses. Presupposes a
suffiently advanced pharmacology so that you can walk out
of the distant terminal within minutes of being unbagged
and given a snort of SnapOut. They'll still lose your
baggage anyhow.

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