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Date: Wed Sep 12 2001 - 01:17:23 MDT

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>>flying under control, just doesn't sound healthy, either. I
>>would be more in favor of installing those low-power x-rays
>>that can distally body-search people, perhaps programmed with
>>software that would recognize knifelike and gunlike shapes,
>There are numerous options in terms of non-lethal weapons: handheld lasers
>that blind, tasers, etc.. Not to mention handgun rounds like shotshell, or
>thin copper walls that have very minimal penetration.
>To a free society, those options are preferred to what amounts to
>strip-searching people who have done nothing wrong. Your solution puts the
>onus on everyone. My solution focuses on the perpetrators.
I prefer to filter the perpetrators out BEFORE they have a shot at perpetration, which, whather it succeeds or fails, wreaks unacceptable havoc upon innocent citizens.
All the NRA types wanna respond to every damned thing with bang-bang; too many Hollywood movies, baking too many brains with contrived fantasy solutions. Schwarzennegger, Stallone and Willis are just actors, and would most likely have cried, retched and shit their pants if they had been on one of those flights. There wwere perhaps half a dozen perps per plane; if they're gonna die for Allah anyway, they're MORE than willing to jump on your grenade dude while the other ones gut him and swing the entrails at the rest of the crew.

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