Re: "Attack on Civilized World" answer "Defense of USA and USAcitizens"

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Tue Sep 11 2001 - 19:46:25 MDT

Adrian `Guru Zeb` Harper wrote:
> Hi ppl
> Hate to come over as the whining Brit, But. This goes IMHO to
> illustrate the kind of
> policy, and presentation of policy fubars that make The US less popular
> with some parts of the
> rest of the planet.
> All day we have had Bush and the current US administration talking about
> "An attack on the
> whole civilized world" ( which imho is a little over egging the pudding )
> and several world
> leaders have chimed in agreement ( not least our very own Tony Blair ).
> Which is quite understandable, under the circumstances.
> Then i see Bush in a press conference say "We will defend America and
> Americans" in a
> very pointed semi-isolationist manner.

Well, the attacks did only happen in the US, as I recall. While I'm sure
the Canadians were quite discomfited by all of these US planes diverting
to their airports, that is hardly the same thing.

> Well what happened to the coalition of global civilization, sounds like
> it's fine for the "whole civilized world"
> to be happy to rally to The US's support, but Bush is only interested in
> "America and Americans".

As you've noted before, Bush ain't the most grammarilly endowed
personable to ensconshilate the Ovoid Orifice.

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