Re: 46th update on fly longevity experiments.

From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Mon Sep 10 2001 - 11:52:42 MDT

>From: Adrian `Guru Zeb` Harper <>

>How many of us brave technology advocates, are actually doing the
>next best thing until the technological magic bullets come online.
>How many of you ppl eat plenty of anti-oxidants, fresh fruit and
>veg, stay away from foods with high sodium, and saturated fat
>content. Exercise regularly, to keep body fat down, and the
>cardio-vascular system strong, etc.

This is one of those threads that we discuss here periodically, but
not necessarily everyday. If you search the archives you will find
the relevant threads.

To answer your question, many of us here exercise regularly, eat
well, and follow state of the art vitamin/supplement/antioxident
plans. Any suggestions are welcome.

I personally am in the gym (YMCA) 6 days a week
(resistance/stretching/cardiovascular) and am just back from lunch
and taking my afternoon supplements.

Be sure to add investing to your list of longevity protocols, sound
financials are essential as well.


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