RE: 46'th update on fly longevity experiments

From: Reason (
Date: Mon Sep 10 2001 - 11:04:37 MDT

--> Adrian `Guru Zeb` Harper

> How many of us brave technology advocates, are actually doing the
> next best
> thing until the technological magic bullets come online. How many of you
> ppl eat plenty of anti-oxidants, fresh fruit and veg, stay away
> from foods
> with high sodium, and saturated fat content. Exercise regularly, to keep
> body fat down, and the cardio-vascular system strong, etc.
> Because lets face it ppl, if we can't keep the old meat sacks we're stuck
> in, ticking over until we see some major developments, it's going
> to be our
> kids or grand kids who really benefit from longevity developments.

Absolutely; same soapbox as I'm standing on with the Longevity Meme.
( You should help out -- there's a lot to be
done, but every contribution helps, no matter how small.

> Please lets not have anyone misunderstanding me, am a total advocate of
> technologically enhanced
> life spans, and this post is in NO WAY an attack on Doug or his
> interesting
> research. Just interested in how many ppl on the list do more on
> a personal
> level, than hope technology can take up the strain in the future.

More than a few, but nowhere near enough. Again with no offense to Doug (I
find his work on flies interesting), I think that the best thing that most
of us can be doing is not research; it's activism. Raising awareness,
bringing life extension concepts to the mainstream of society and keeping
them there. That's the way that vast sums of money are attracted to

Effective activism requires coordinators and coordination centres. That's
what I'm working on with the Longevity Meme, and I believe that this is what
Natasha is working on with Pro-Act. Additionally, people like Russell and
Damien do their part in the print world through fiction, non-fiction,
interviews, et al. So a number of us are plugging away at this, but that
number needs to be larger by a factor of a thousand before we're going to
get anywhere rapidly.


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