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Date: Mon Sep 10 2001 - 08:43:47 MDT

>From: Carlos Gonzalia <>

>Um... Ortega may be digestible if one would be willing to go
>through a lot of old Latinamerican left-wing fossil ideology. At
>least he seems basically decent, if of dubious use for the kind of
>problems we have in the region. Now, Chavez... *shudder* The guy
>is a goon, an opportunist, and a sly version of what is worst
>about traditional authoritarian nationalism in LA. Asking one to
>choose between the globalization oligarchy and this kind of
>localist creep is like giving one the option of choosing between
>being hanged or shot. In the end, we are equally "dead to the

There are more then two horns on a dilemma.

In other words Argentina has more than just these two options.

To be part of globalization simply means to follow certain
international finance rules, these are essential if Argentina
wishes to attract foreign capital.

However outside these essentials there is a great amount of room
for flexibility.


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