Re: Singularity: can't happen here

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Mon Sep 10 2001 - 03:21:42 MDT

"Chen Yixiong, Eric" wrote:
> > Hahahahaha hehehehe! We can barely get 20,000 people to attend
> > a protest rally on these subjects and you want to get them to
> > lay their lives, fortunes and citizenship on the line to
> > actually seceed from the US? It is a fun dream but I think it
> > is really dreamland right now.

Do you seriously think my laughing at the idea of getting one of
the current US states to seceed or 20,000 people firmly
committed to such a thing means that I propose only suicidal
actions and stupid cracker (NOT hacker) tricks instead? What
gives you that idea? Perhaps you do not understand the power of
public protests and demonstrations that don't employ violence or
incite violence.

> Again, I must bring to your attention that we can consider setting up an independent colony to get out of this mess. This does not mean escapism, but that we must recognise that a lot of people refuse to lead a liftstyle that we belive they should and could (i.e. maximising their own freedom). We can set up a colony and both groups (i.e. ourselves and the rest who choose to refuse) live life as all of us prefer.

I never set it was escapism or not a reasonable idea. Just that
getting an existing state to seceed successfully is very
unlikely imho.
> Refusal to recognize this fact would only bring disaster to all your efforts to prevent the loss of your freedoms. Violence and clashes calculated to reduce the influence of your Governments, of insufficient people, would only lead to busy emergency rooms and more business for the undertakers. It would probably lead to the loss of your individual freedom too, as in enjoying free lodging from your Governments.

Refusal to recognize what "fact" precisely? What refusal?
Protest against government does not necessarily require violence
nor is it likely to make emergency rooms much less funeral
parlors more crowded. Due to severe resource constraints, land
constraints, defense needs and so on in starting your own
country - I think it behooves us to first do everything we can
within our [relatively] free and established countries. But to
each their own.
> Attempts to mail bomb will only classify yourself as a malicious "hacker" intent on creating a Denial-of-Service (DOS) attack on Government servers (as what the Singapore Government had done for an unrelated case). Even if your mails get through, they would only experience censorship from the human operators who get to press the delete key constantly.

I am not a cracker and I see no point in a "mail bomb".
> Think carefully about your actions and consequences.

And you yours. Think through all the options. Then act.

- samantha

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