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Date: Sun Sep 09 2001 - 02:33:49 MDT

On Sat, Sep 08, 2001 at 09:25:38PM -0700, Terry W. Colvin quoted Science

> In a recent article in the *Journal of Scientific Exploration*, R. Van Wijk
> tries to reignite interest in "bio-photons" that carry "bio-information."
> First, he assures us that mitogenetic radiation *is* real, that bio-photons
> truly exist. To thus swim against the scientific mainstream, he reviews
> recent experiments and provides us with a huge bibliography. Apparently,
> mitogenetic radiation is not "pathological science," as physicist I.
> Langmuir called it back in 1953. Second, Van Wijk advances some
> mechanisms by which cells can generate bio-photons via their metabolic
> and enzymatic processes. Finally, he comes to the crux of the matter:
> Do bio-photons really transmit information to neighboring cells and
> thereby affect their functions? Bolstering his claims, Van Wijk cites
> confirming modern experiments with seeds, neotrophil cells, dinoflagellates,
> and fireflies. (Fireflies employ bio-photons internally in addition to
> their external flashes.)
> (Van Wijk, R.; "Bio-Photons and Bio-Communication," *Journal of Scientific
> Exploration*, 15:183, 2001.)

Wow! By *emphasizing* words, he can make things *true*! (OK, it could be
the *journal* that does that).

Hmm, so this paper claims to prove a rather controversial claim by
citing a lot of other papers claiming it to be true (from this writeup
we get no impression of their validity), and then confirms this by
citing a lot of *confirming* experiments rather than trying to falsify
the results? And the author starts by assuring the reader that the
phenomenon he tries to demonstrate exists? Sounds like very bad science
to me - even if most scientists tend to believe their theories are true,
they at least try to look at disconfirming evidence.

OK, I this is just the impression I get from this blurb. The paper might
actually be great. But this kind of posting seems to belong to the
forteana list more than the extropian list.

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