RE: Recommendations for Juvenile SF

From: E. Shaun Russell (
Date: Sat Sep 08 2001 - 11:23:09 MDT

Natasha wrote:

>I am inept when it comes to the extropian SF level.
>*But*, I highly recommend _Ender's Game_ by Orson Scott Card. It is a
>beautifully written and heart-warming action story which, I think, would
>appeal him.

I agree with this fully, and have recommended this title to other bright
young persons; _Ender's Shadow_ is good too, though a bit more depressing
and frustrating. Still, it does encapsulate the tribulations of being a
really smart person in a small kid's body.

Also, _A Fire Upon the Deep_ might be good as well. There are some really
complex ideas there, but it is told rather smoothly and has great
characterization (skroderiders, 'tines etc.).

By the way, I lost about a day's worth of e-mail from Thursday, and have
had intermittent receiving capabilities since last Sunday, so if there is
anything important you have sent to me directly which requires my
attention, please resend it.


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