Recommendations for Juvenile SF

From: Greg Burch (
Date: Fri Sep 07 2001 - 15:41:49 MDT

A family of relatively recent Indian immigrants who are merchants in our
neighbrohood have a 10-year-old son who seems to be shaping up to be a math
and science prodigy. He came in 5th place last year in the state math
competition and his development in these areas appears to be accelerating
under the enthusiastic support of his proud parents and teachers. His
father confided in me this afternoon, though, that the boy is lagging in his
reading skills: He's bored with what he's given to read at school and, while
his parents are very fine people, they have only a modest education and are
at a loss for what to suggest he read. When I proposed that we might try to
interest him in some science fiction, his father's eyes lit up and he
responded that it was a "splendid" idea.

Here's the only problem: I don't know what to suggest for a super-bright
10-year-old in 2001. I was cutting my teeth on RAH's and Bradbury's (the
other one)juveniles at that time and fairly quickly graduated to His Most
Blessed Insightfulness, the Serene Maestro of Serendip. What's good these

Greg Burch
Vice-Presdient, Extropy Institute

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