AGING: Re: Short-term CR mimics long term CR

From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Fri Sep 07 2001 - 07:58:00 MDT

>From: "Reason" <>

>> Robert J. Bradbury

>> The Longevity Meme news carried a pointer to a BBC article
>> that I followed back to the PNAS article (here):

>> This is the 2nd significant publication fullfilling my
>> prediction from 1997 that gene chips would have a huge impact on
>> understanding what aging really is.
>> This is the first good evidence I'm aware of that short term CR
>> has positive effects by mimicing the changes caused by long term
>> CR.

>Which is a really good thing from the point of view of
>popularizing CR -- if it can be shown that a "treatment-like" CR
>regimen has beneficial effects for seniors, then CR is really off
>for a running leap to the mainstream, and life extension memes can
>go with it.

It should be remembered that this occured in mice, whether or not
it translates to humans remains to be seen.

It is very interesting though, essentially dieting (a form of
temporary CR ) which is not effective for weight control may have
longer term health effects.

Of course this may change the accepted usage of the word "dieting".

Somebody give Robert a grant. ;)


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