Re: Is the Internet dangerous to a political movement?

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Tue Sep 04 2001 - 12:08:42 MDT

> Waldemar Ingdahl wrote:
> We haven't seen that the Internet has acquired the position as
> political centre for society, as was said (yet?)

Yes, there was an interesting column by one of the more moderate luddite
lefties in the newspaper the other day which proclaimed that web
browsing as an idle practice was crashing and that the internet was
becoming simply another appliance for people to go to the sites they
need information or to order products from. It is 'no longer' a medium
of exploration and learning.

I suppose this was not to be unexpected, considering how dismally many
search engines have fulfilled their mission of filtering out the 99% of
sites that are garbage, but it also goes to how significantly uncurious
the vast mass of humanity is. The species is becoming obsolete?

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