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From: Reason (
Date: Mon Sep 03 2001 - 22:32:57 MDT

---> Russell Blackford

> Well, I don't know much about what else he has done, but - to be fair -
> Reason has been doing a good job with the longevity meme web
> site, which is
> a great idea IMHO. I expect he'll be, perhaps among other things, a good
> web-based activist for an accessible variety of transhumanism,
> and this site
> will be a great resource as it fills in with more content.

Beyond this, it should also be a spawning point for local activism and
social groups, promoting the growth of pro-life extension memes in our
society. All good stuff, all very necessary stuff. I know I'm restating
myself when I say we need to be out in the mainstream -- and accessible to
the mainstream -- to have a hope of achieving all that we want to achieve,
but it needs to be said often.

> I encourage you to go and have a look at the site. It currently
> seems to be
> dominated by Aussies, so it'd be good to see all you Poms, Yanks,
> etc... er,
> I mean all you cultured, intelligent and upstanding British and American,
> etc, citizens... take part.

Absolutely! There must be some non-Australian writers out there willing to
have short articles on life extension, anti-aging or other appropriate
social topics published on the Longevity Meme website :) [Some have already
offered, and I do have a backlog of writings to run through, evaluate, or
help to rewrite].

As to those of you who don't write much outside of e-mail, drop by the

There are a number of interesting discussions relating to life extension,
methods of getting society interested, the technology of building websites,
etc, going on in there...even a post from Keith Henson that arrived from out
of the blue. I'd love to hear viewpoints from the rest of you, and even a
single posting to a topic helps to encourage others to participate.
Community building is good!

(And thanks to Russell for the kind words :)


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