Re: Herding Extropycats [was Shame on Australia]

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Date: Mon Sep 03 2001 - 11:15:34 MDT

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. As Damien has
> pointed out -- and I stand corrected on this -- Rand was published
> over here ... before my time.
> She just appears to have slipped out of print, and stayed there for at
> least the last twenty-five years.
> -- Charlie

I'm sorry, this is complete nonsense. Rand's books are easily available in
any sizeable bookstore over here in old Blighty. They were in print and sold
well in a British edition ever since the 1960s. They are all still in print
over here right now. Most British libertarians (a small group admittedly)
have read her. The number of Brits who have read her books and been
influenced by them is much larger. Steve D.

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