Hide their inkpads!

From: Amara Graps (Amara.Graps@mpi-hd.mpg.de)
Date: Mon Sep 03 2001 - 07:51:41 MDT

Dear Extropes,

While I was peddling home from the German equivalent of the INS this
morning, with a layer of fresh ink drying in my passport, I figured
out a simple way that one can bring down the German government.

Hide their inkpads. The bureaucracy of this country could not exist,
if it were not for the formidable ink pad in every civil servant's
office. You will not escape with less than six ink stamps on the most
official documents, and even a washing machine repair will warrant an
ink stamp or two.

So next time you have an opportunity to be within hand's reach of one
of those rectangular-tin-boxes-that binds-this-country together,
practice one of your Penn and Teller magic tricks and hide the ink
pad. Please do your part to help this world be ink-pad-free.

Thank you.




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