Re: Herding Extropycats [was Shame on Australia]

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Mon Sep 03 2001 - 04:27:45 MDT

Charlie Stross wrote:
> On Sun, Sep 02, 2001 at 01:55:00PM -0700, Reason wrote:
> >
> > By *your* British norms, you mean; I can't say that I think you speak for
> > everyone. I'm British (or rather English, if we're going to be elitist about
> > our accidental birth locations) and pretty much an objectivist. Barking mad,
> > I am not. You could certainly walk into any half-way decent chain bookstore
> > in the UK and pick up a copy of Atlas Shrugged when I lived in the UK, five
> > years or so ago.
> How many other British objectivists do you know? And how mainstream are
> they?

Irelevant to the bald claims you made.

> This isn't to say that you should give two hoots what they think -- the
> old adage about billions of flies, shit, and good taste springs to
> mind -- but I'd be entertained to hear you assert that it's even a
> remotely mainstream philosophy here.

I am entertained by the lengths you will go to to disparage
ideas you personally are uncomfortable with and attribute it to
general British good taste to boot. This is really a hoot!

- samantha

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