Re: Fw: Back to Serfs and Royalty?

From: Loree Thomas (
Date: Sun Sep 02 2001 - 00:31:05 MDT

--- Damien Broderick
<> wrote:
> At 03:52 PM 9/1/01 -0700, Robert wrote:
> >If Jack Welch earns $122 million where does it go?
> >After 30-40% to the government, most of it probably
> goes
> >into risk capital. I.e. into those funds providing
> the
> >money Charlie would like to get from the VCs.
> Risky
> >investments, but big payoffs. Jack gets richer and
> if
> >Charlie's strategy works out he gets to join the
> Jack's
> >ranks. On the other hand if you instead redirect
> the
> >money to the worker, who then proceeds to use it to
> buy
> >"Pet Rocks", there is relatively little job
> creation
> >(providing jobs for people who would otherwise not
> >have them), or making the economy more productive
> >(by fostering inventions that increase efficiency).
> I could be naughty and suggest that many of those
> pet rocks purchased by
> the stupid, gullible dopes who do most of the work
> in the world have been
> put into stores and heavily advertised under the
> guidance, or due to the
> speculative investment, of the guy who got $122
> million a year for doing
> so, and that blasting up the pet rocks has denuded
> and blighted several
> formerly ecologically complex portions of the world,
> ruining the lives of
> those who used to live there moderately well, and
> that keeping the pet
> rocks in the house releases a constant drizzle of
> carcinogenic but
> addictive dust...
> But I would never say anything so Luddish. :)
> Damien Broderick

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