Re: Unvarnished talk abouy transhumanism, and the meaning of "fanboy"

From: Russell Blackford (
Date: Sun Sep 02 2001 - 00:12:42 MDT

Michael M. Butler said many amusing things culminating in

>FYI, a "fanboy" is a stereotype, VERY distinct from a fan, and even more
>distinct from a faaaan.
>A "fanboy", in its original meaning, is the fat fellow with the
>fat, strident, hair-trigger, poorly-socialized, get-a-life, self-unaware,
>occasionally-borderline personality you see not infrequently
>at comics conventions. Media examples may be found in abundance.
>Many of these creatures espouse hard-line libertarianismish things. There
>crossover into gaming conventions, etc. But it's a strict subset--
>Tim's comment does not refer to the body of SF fans in general

Ah yes, it was the "sf community" bit that confused me. While I've spent a
lot of time in the sf community, I concede it has probably been in a very
different subset of that community from what Tim had in mind.


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