Re: Unvarnished talk abouy transhumanism, was Re: Herding Extropycats [was Shame on Australia]

From: Russell Blackford (
Date: Sat Sep 01 2001 - 18:19:08 MDT

Michael Butler said

>Do you know the Enneagram stuff? I'm not sure it's worth a whole lot, but
>guess that I habitually have operated in "#6". Any guesses about other list
>For the skeptical and Enneagram-impaired: Enneagram minuses include an
>with Gurdjieff; the pluses include that I find a personal correspondence
>"#6" and my otherwise peculiar-seeming "loyalist/paranoid" drives.
>Hey. Given that there are 9 Enneagram types, 12 natal horological astrology
>and 16 Myers-Briggs types, which is the most scientific? :)

I couldn't guess much about other list participants, though I expect that,
on the Myers-Briggs typology, the list has a disproportionately large number
of INTJs. I am one of them.

On the Enneagram, which I'd never heard of, I'm afraid, I find I am a type
5, backed up equally by types 3 and 8.

Astrologically, I am a Leo.

My experience is that the Myers-Briggs thing gives very convincing results
when I see friends take it. As you'd expect, I don't believe in astrology.
Judgment reserved on the Enneagram.

Do you have theories about other frequent participants? If it comes to that,
what would you have guessed about me if I hadn't just revealed all?



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