Re: Shame on Australia

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Sat Sep 01 2001 - 01:20:53 MDT

Mike Lorrey wrote:

> > Call me paranoid, but does it
> > strike anyone else as interesting that the combination of
> > legislation, enforcement, and the technology market being
> > slammed along with investment capital in general has precisely
> > the effect of slowing and curtailing the freedom and speed of
> > technological innovation especially concerning the Net? It also
> > slows down progress toward Singularity. Does anyone think this
> > just might be on purpose, at least in part?
> I wonder what sort of insights you can draw of a person's motivations by
> the sort of conspiracy theories they will buy into.
> I don't think the slowdown was caused as you fear, more a factor of
> people suffering, again, from irrational exuberance overextending
> themselves, combined with others unfamiliar with forging new terrain
> economically putting the brakes on prematurely. We are all just feeling
> around in the dark here.

I do not know what you wish to imply as to my motivations.
However, if I took Mr. Joy and other fear-mongers seriously and
I wanted to slow down the march of technology and/or preserve
existing power structures and I had the means to do so then I
would bring about a situation that looks pretty much exactly
like what we are in. Think about it. I don't believe all
players are simply fumbling around in the dark.

- samantha

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