RE: MEDIA: CBN News The Science of Human Longevity

Date: Fri Aug 31 2001 - 17:35:31 MDT

From: Reason

>>I found it fascinating that the Christian publication wrote this
>>article on superlongevity and seems to be interested in the subject.

>..which touches on some of these issues. If we raise our eyebrows every time
religious people (i.e. the majority of the society we're trying to
influence) express a desire to live longer, we're never going to get
anywhere in making life extension of any sort a mainstream issue. Meaning we
all die.<

I don't know if you are responding to me or to Michael. If to me, then let's consider the fact that this article contains transhumanist ideas and references "Primo 3M+" which exhibits the human machine interface, cloning of organs, augmenting the brain for enhanced intelligence, gender switching, etc. These concepts are not just about wanting the body to be durable or about life extension, but about an entirely new body, a transhuman body, which in this journal I find to be novel.


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