RE: NEWS: Ageing recession warning

From: Emlyn O'regan (
Date: Thu Aug 30 2001 - 18:06:04 MDT

> > This isn't about the future; this is about the here-and-now. And how
> > are we going to get to that wonderful technological singularity if
> > our planetary economy goes into decline and stays there for the rest
> > of our lives?
> Answer -- "computers". Read my forthcoming article on the
> probable nanodevelopment path. I think we get nanotech
> capable of building nanobots by 2020. And it depends a lot
> more on Moore's Law and extensions thereto than I ever would
> have expected. You don't need any "workers" if you can get
> the robots/computers to do it all for you.
> Robert

And, interestingly enough, that's the very plan (automation of labour) that
the Japanese are pursuing to solve their future problems.


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