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Date: Thu Aug 30 2001 - 11:30:09 MDT

>From: "Michael M. Butler" <>

>Quite some time ago (a year? more?), I believe someone posted a
>reference to a good book that goes into considerable detail about
>proper exercise form. I seem to recall that there
>was a later "personal trainers'" version of the book as well.

>I've searched the extro archives, but no dice.


>MMB, in _American Beauty_ mode

What a great movie! (DVD) Tell me about it, I'm in th gym 6 days a
week now.

Mike I've posted a number of related books to the list, but let me
check the closet...

 (sounds of rummaging around)

Is this what you were looking for:

                        Muscle Mechanics
     Correct technique for 73 resistance training exercises
                         Everett Aaberg
                       ISBN 0-88011-796-6

This is a book that's so well done that it's convinced me I was
doing something wrong just from the preface. From now on it's not
"weightlifting" it's "resistance training".

Check out this obviously extropian paragraph from the preface:

" Throughout our lives, most of us have learned certain things
which we may have developed very strong feelings and opinions
about. Eventually these beliefs are challenged, and we are forced
to question them. Fitness is still a relatively young field of
study. We should look on any new ideas presented with an open mind
and perhaps analyze the validity of our present beliefs. Many
times, if we trace them to their origins, we will find that our
present beliefs have been passed on to us from less-than-reliable

Mr Aaberg is a instructor with the Cooper Institute for Aerobic
Research for a specialty certificate entitled " The Biomechanics of
Strength Training."

Darn good stuff.

Arnolds book is a must have too.


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