RE: new to list

From: Jerry Mitchell (
Date: Wed Aug 29 2001 - 22:01:21 MDT

> The ideas - the arbitrary decision to call them mountains and
> stars, and
> establish what is represented by those terms, was created by people.

Your right about one thing, it doesnt matter what we call it. BUT the base
concept is still the same. A IS A

> Which is it. Do we use language, or does language use us as
> it develops?
> That is a question hard to ascertain. If we did not have language we
> would not have the level of intellectualism we have. Not only does
> language facilitate expression of our thoughts, but language gives us
> our thoughts, too. When we think we think in terms of
> language, putting
> together whatever objectifications and concepts available.
> So yes, the manner in which we define things does establish
> the shape of
> the world and what it contains. This effectively supersedes
> the religion
> of science.

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