Re: Striving for Eudaimonia

From: Robert Wasley (
Date: Tue Aug 28 2001 - 17:28:40 MDT

> Lee Corbin wrote:
> Okay, then criticize this: human nature is a mixture of good and evil
> (of course the behavior came first and the descriptions later) where
> in historical times the costs of being good (e.g. altruistic,
> generous, peaceful) often outweighed the benefits. As technology and
> especially mass production increased, those "luxuries" could be
> in more frequently. Peace also happened to become more profitable
> war, so that by the 20th century the destructiveness of warfare left
> winning societies poorer as well as (of course) losing societies.

That does not follow. Consider the emergence of the United States and,
the point of military and political power, of the Soviet Uniion after
No such blanket statement can be made. It depends on circumstances of
individual countries and the dynamics of the conflict.

Robert Wasley

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