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From: Dickey, Michael F (
Date: Wed Aug 29 2001 - 08:28:47 MDT

>From: "Mitchell, Jerry (3337)" <>

>Im not aware of any place unrestrained capitalism has even been tested.

"Right. Its never been *completely* without restraint. But the early to
19th Century US comes pretty damn close."

Right, it came close, but had some *vital* differences. Such as the fact
the government made it illegal for employees to form unions and protect
themselves and turned a blind eye to employers heinous acts against union
formers. This is not moral, not ethical, and not libertarian. It is the
government jobs to protect the rights of the individual, which includes
protecting them from employers hiring thugs to kill them. In a true free
market environment the government makes no restrictions on employers OR
employees, in the early part of last century, restrictions were in place on
employees behaviors. The removes the most fundamentally important aspect of
the market, the negative feedback effect the worker has on the employer by
choosing to not to work. Thers is a big difference between choosing not to
form a union and having a government agent placeing a gun to your head and
telling you that you can not form a union. The quantatively minor
differences that the market had back then were vitally important and can not
be ignored.

Michael D

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